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The management report of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) on IT security highlights a new quality of threats

Data privacy and IT security are inseparable not only because of the increased demands on IT security required by GDPR, but also because of the fact that companies can no longer operate without using  modern IT and communication technology.

In order to ensure effective data privacy, IT security must inevitably be brought into focus. In addition, the continuous use of IT and communication technology is necessary due to the advanced digitization and integration of business life.

The BSI writes about the IT security situation report 2018:

"With the increase in motorised traffc at the beginning of the industrial age, new regulations had to be created, new technical facilities implemented and new behaviour learned in order to guarantee road safety. For more than 100 years, traffc lights have regulated the traffc and road traffc regulations have been in place since 1934, providing rules of conduct for all road users. For some road users a required test was even introduced before they were allowed to use their vehicle. New professions were created, new rules laid down, and new institutions had to govern traffc.

Today, we are at the beginning of a new era again. Digitisation increasingly determines the activities of states and businesses, as well as the everyday life of citizens. And just as in the early days of the industrial age, we need to create new regulations, implement new technical facilities and learn
new behaviours to increase cyber security. A few examples include the German IT Security Act, IT-Grundschutz standards and behavioural rules on how to handle smartphones, tablets and more are just a few examples.

We must stay clear on one point: the digitisation process cannot continue successfully without cyber security. BSI approaches this process in line with its own guidelines: as the national cyber security authority, the BSI is responsible for digital information security for the state, businesses and society through prevention, detection and reaction."

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