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"A strategic vision is a clear picture of what you want to achieve."

John Naisbitt, US-Futurist

The goal of an IT strategy is to determine a medium to long-term orientation of IT within a company. The IT strategy is derived from the overall company strategy and takes internal and external technological requirements and restrictions into account.

A clearly defined IT strategy facilitates to meet current and future requirements, to achieve a higher level of IT investment security, and to plan financial and human resources more precisely.

According to market researcher Gartner, approximately 20% of all IT expenditures are mistaken investments. Reasons for unsuccessful IT projects are mainly lack of trust between IT managers and functional managers, as well as their inability to select and implement initiatives that deliver measurable business benefits.

The development of an IT strategy is a dynamic process and not a static construct, which is defined once and is not changed afterwards. In an IT strategy, on the one hand, the business requirements should be reflected, formulated by corporate management and functional departments. On the other hand, each IT strategy should include IT technical framework requirements. Both internal and external IT experts should have an influence.

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