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Performing Data Privacy Audits

Data privacy audits are primarily used to check the data privacy situation of a selected area. The larger the area, the more time-consuming a data privacy audit becomes.

With the GDPR into force, the data privacy supervisory authorities will, similar to ISO 9000 certification, offer a data privacy certification. Similar to ISO 9000 certification, an accredited body will perform a certification audit, at the end of which a certificate will be awarded. In order to be able to pass this certification audit, appropriate data privacy measures should be introduced in advance. These measures should be pre-audited after the respective implementation.

For an independent review of data privacy policy / situation and as a preparation for any certification, I offer data privacy audits .

The time required depends on several factors, e.g. The number of employees, the industry, the degree of IT support and, last but not least, the degree of data protection measures already introduced and implemented.

Cost depend on the time required.

I'm happy to make a non-binding offer after an information meeting