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To gain a quick overview about the state of the data privacy situation, I offer the Data Privacy Quickcheck

In essence, this is the review of the organizational data privacy measures.
The service is provided both locally and externally. The following components are included:

  • Introductory meeting with general management, IT management, HR management, Real estate / building management, if applicable works council (on site)
  • Verification of all documents, procedural instructions and company agreements with regard to data privacy (if applicable, externally)
  • Creation of a report, if applicable with recommendations and opinions (external)
  • Presentation of the report (on-site)

Duration approx. 1 man-day on site, 1 - 2 man-days externally (depending on the number and quality of the documents)

Costs: 1,500.00 € plus VAT and travel expenses (if applicable)

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