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Acting as "Data Privacy Officer"

As external DPO I support you and your employees in all aspects of data privacy. With an official appointment as a data privacy officer for your company, I am the contact for data privacy authorities. This ensures that requests from the authorities will be answered in time and in the interest of your company.

An external data privacy officer is usually appointed (recommendation of the supervisory authorities) for at least one year.

This service is partly provided locally and partly externally. The following components are included:

  • Introductory meeting with general management, IT management, HR management, Real estate / building management, if applicable works council (on site)
  • Review of all data privacy-relevant procedures and processes
  • Develop and maintain the record of processing activities
  • Participation in meetings of relevant bodies
  • Functional advice to the management, the functional departments and, if necessary, the works council
  • Training of employees
  • Functional support for general management to supervisory data privacy authorities
  • Contact for employees in all questions of data privacy

The time required depends on several factors, e.g. The number of employees, the industry, the degree of IT support and, last but not least, the degree of data protection measures already introduced and implemented.

Cost depend on the time required.

I'm happy to make a non-binding offer after an information meeting